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Cherokee Chiefs And Leaders Cherokee Chief DIXIE
Cherokee Chiefs And Leaders | Cherokee Leaders Must Stop Chief Saunooke Bear Abuse
David Vann (Cherokee leader)
Eliza Missouri Bushyhead, Cherokee - 1859. She was the daughter of Jesse Bushyhead, Sr. and Eliza Wilkerson. She married Blueford West Alberty in 1873.
Great Cherokee Warrior, Cunne Vintage illustration Francis Parsons This beautiful portrait is of one the great Cherokee Leaders, Cunne Shote, ...
The Cherokee were famous as the "one feather" tribe. Native American Photos,
When Kentucky was declared the fifteenth state on June 1, 1792, more than twenty tribes, including the Cherokee, Chickasaw, ...
Supreme Court litigation[edit]
Cherokee claims to Kentucky were seriously challenged when the Tuscarawas joined the Haudenosaunee, a confederacy of Iroquoian speaking peoples that ...
Western Theater[edit]
For more than 200 years, American historians have argued that the American Indians never lived in Kentucky. Instead, they portrayed Kentucky as either a ...
Ethnic Cleansing and the Trail of Tears: Cherokee Pasts, Places, and Identities
Dixie Pierpont
Famous Cherokee Women | Art Foundation: Jaune-Quick-To-See-Smith
Cherokee Princess Syndrome (CPS) arises from the popular myth in some parts of the South that everyone has a little American Indian in them.
Choctaw in the American Civil War
Elias Boudinot (Cherokee)
John Ross of the Cherokee.jpg
Photography: Gen. Brig. Stand Watie was the highest-ranking Indian in the Confederate army. Research Division Oklahoma Historical Society
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Historically, the Piqua, also spelled Pekowi and Pekowitha, was a division of the Shawnee. The name Piqua literally translates into American English as “ ...
Choctaw in the Trans Mississippi Theater[edit]
Did You Know? 20 Mixed Race Celebrities
Famous Native American Actors | Johnny Depp ~ Cherokee | Native American Encyclopedia American Actors,
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Cherokee Phoenix, New Echota, Georgia, April 10, 1828, Library of Congress
1970s Jeep
The Myth of Nancy Ward and the Battle of Taliwa . . . How a Cherokee
The Forgotten History of the Cherokee Nation before 1838 | People of One Fire
Mountain Cherokee (untitled sketch). Ink drawing in the diary of Lt. John
Atta Kulla Kulla Lodge constructs a Cherokee bandolier bag for the Section Chief and presents it to Matthew Watson at the 2016 AKK Fall Fellowship at Camp ...
Kansas City Chiefs Table of Contents Communications Staff Founder Chairman Executives Coaching Staff Coaching Support Staff and Assistants Personnel and ...
Native Americans in the Confederate Army[edit]
Seminole War in Everglades.jpg
The Battle of Taliwa never happened
Cherokee society - Cherokee artist and ethnobotanist, Roger Cain of Stilwell, Oklahoma, explains
United Keetoowah Band of Cherokee Indians - UKB Treasurer Ella Mae Worley
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Color illustration of Joseph Brant, a Mohawk chief and leader of the "Six Nations
Quanah Parker as chief of the Kiowa-Comanche Reservation
Veterans at groundbreaking for NMAI
United Keetoowah Band of Cherokee Indians - Virginia Stroud, enrolled UKB member, accepts an
The Battle of Pea Ridge
Problems in the Midwest and West[edit]
Cherokee Removal Scenes: Ellijay, Georgia, 1838
Cherokee history - Tah-Chee (Dutch), A Cherokee Chief, 1837.
Prior to European contact, Kentucky was inhabited by Algonquian (e.g., Delaware, Miami, Shawnee), Iroquoian (e.g., Cherokee, Haudenosaunee, Mingo, Wyandot), ...
The Real Cherokee Time Line
Cherokee clans - Seven Cherokee chiefs who accompanied Sir Alexander Cumming, to England, representing
Map of a part of Cherokee territory in 1827
Yahoo is a local variation of the Cherokee word Yahula, which is a traditional Cherokee story about a mixed-blood trader who lived in a great stone house ...
Phillip Martin (1926–2010), Principal Chief of the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians
Red Bird, Dotsuwa, was a Cherokee who lived and died in what is known today as Clay County, Kentucky, before and after European colonization, ...
Joseph Crehan Picture
Colonel Adair, Cherokee [From Smithsonian Institution, Bureau of American Ethnology]
John Horse, Black Seminole leader
Photography: Although there are thousands of tintype images of Confederate and Union soldiers, few images remain of the many Native Americans who fought on ...
Osceola, Seminole leader
Comanche Reservation Map (1890s)
Following Section Chief Matthew Watson's visit to Unali'yi Lodge's Spring Fellowship at Camp Ho Non Wah and the White House dedication in February, ...
Image unavailable: S. C. MERCER
Sequoya's syllabary shared many letters with Circassian Medieval Script. Sequoya would not have understood today's Cherokee Syllabary.
New Echota - The Cherokee Phoenix
Colonel Downing, Cherokee [From Smithsonian Institution, Bureau of American Ethnology]
New Echota - The monument on New Echota Historic Site honors the Cherokee who died on
Writing system designed by Elias Boudinot and Samuel Worcester
Every Monday morning, we take a stroll through Peter King's Monday Morning Quarterback column in search of nuggets that fit within our never-ending non-stop ...
Tuskegee (Cherokee town)
American Indians in Kentucky were not considered human until 1879, when Standing Bear, a Ponca filed a Writ of Habeas Corpus in the District Court of the ...
In the midst of a war fought on land that once was theirs, over a nation that denied them citizenship, Native Americans found themselves faced with a ...
Behind The Dixie Stars
Buffalo Hump and Family
At the 60th Anniversary Dixie Fellowship, the Section Chief's bonnet is presented. The bonnet was made by Dr. E.W. Rabon, past Area Chief (1958) with ...
Portrait of Cynthia Ann Parker
On May 7, 1851, Cherokee officials including Principal Chief John Ross dedicated the original Cherokee Female Seminary at Park Hill.
This week, a group of Seminole Indians in Florida is commemorating an important historical event — when a Seminole named Polly Parker organized and led an ...
Overhill Cherokee
City Council honors Dixie Youth champion teams. CHEROKEE AMERICANS HONORED.
Portrait of Quanah Parker
Native Americans in the Union Army[edit]
25-8436 Sun Spirits
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Merlin Pierite and Joseph Pierite with stickball raquettes, ca. 1939. Photo: F.G. Speck, Courtesy of the HF Gregory Collection.
Mary Jones gathers river cane for baskets, 1999. Photo: Dayna Lee, Louisiana Regional Folklife Program.
Cherokee clans - Wild Potato Clan pillar from the monument at Chota.
Cherokee clans - Deer Clan pillar from the monument at Chota
Quanah Parker
Bilingual notice in English and Cherokee, published in the Cherokee Phoenix, May 15, 1828.
The Council at Medicine Lodge Creek