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His last name is Parker Loki Bruh
His last name is Parker, Loki. Bruh < < < GHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, that one
Peter lifts Thor's hammer and Tony is a proud father lol
Oh my God, the third one! 😂
Loki is precious! And if they kill him or make him an ally of Thanos I will make the world burn!
Thats so amazing - Loki - Thor - Thor Ragnarok
Pin by Ashley Michelle Eubanks on My Hero | Marvel, Marvel dc, Marvel funny
If Infinity War doesn't go this way, I will be disappointed. | Avengers | Marvel, Marvel funny, Marvel dc
They will be the people to actually defeat Thanos XDD
Have we come up with a ship name for Loki and Valkyrie yet? | Marvel | Marvel, Loki, Avengers
I would have killed to see Peter hold the Mjolnir
So john and sherlock
I think Peter should then give loki a plastic spoon and they can go around stabbing everyone together < < < perhaps this was the cutest thing ever
https://www.change.org/p/marvel-studios-loki-returning-in-avengers-4-alive # loki, #thesunwillshineonusagain, #lokilives, #justiceforloki, #bring…
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Loki and the tenses of Yeet
I didn't know I needed this as much as I do.
omg loki tricks thanos yes this is how it should be
Iron dad super family Peter Parker and Tony Stark Thor
Marvel Funny, Loki Marvel, Marvel Dc Comics, Avengers Memes, Marvel Memes,
Incorrect Marvel quotes Loki and Hela
Marvel Funny, Marvel Memes, Marvel Dc Comics, Marvel Avengers, Loki
Loki to survive Infinity Wars
Alternately, he got his sugar daddy to do it since the Grandmaster is cannonically powerful enough to kill thanos.
I choose to believe that the Avengers are real and all of these actually happened.
This seems accurate
Baby Loki with parents. Movies fandom MCU Marvel geek Avengers Memes, Marvel Memes,
Peter lifts Thor's hammer and Tony is a proud father lol | Marvel | Marvel, Avengers, Marvel dc
Pin by Sorai Leon on Marvel/DC | Pinterest | Marvel, Loki and Loki marvel
He basically has no where else to go on top of that. Marvel Funny,
Pin by Lowell Shade on Marvel | Pinterest | Marvel, Superhéroes and DC Comics
Emotional jumper cables
Everybody : Yeah, I kinda wanna know what happened Thor : And so you may, I had to fight a great fight against my own sister ...
Los Vengadores, Memes De Los Vengadores, Memes Marvel, Vengadores De Marvel, Stucky
Aww this is so sweet! I swear i think Peter can get all the Avengers
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Inside Bucky Barnes's Phone... • • QOTD- Stevony or Stucky AOTD- Stucky -Storm⛈ • • #bucky #buckybarnes #insidephone #wintersolider #spiderman #falcom ...
Skinny Legend on Instagram: “I will pay someone to be my friend but I only got 7 cents”
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The kid is a smol cinammon roll what have you done: A speech by bucky barnes
Tom Hiddleston Loki, Toms, Tom Shoes
I love the friendship that we all made up Peter Parker Spider-Man Shuri of Wakanda Vines Funny
One of us One of us ONE OF US ONE OF US O N E O F U S O N E O F U S
Because of this photo all I can picture is Loki and Peter constantly rickrolling Thor #
It's a very useful and expressive term y'all I'm crying
Honestly Loki would be a better president than trump < < < He would actually.
I'm pretty sure this happened, either in "Civil War" or "Spider-Man: Homecoming." (Tony Stark, Peter Parker)
Peter Parker 2002 was amazing ...
26 Hilarious Marvel Superhero Memes That Will Make You Laugh All Day
Give him a break cap
And yet, I think this conversation actually could've happened
Tony stark and Peter parker trying to relate
Same, he blessed us all Tom Holand, Tom Holland Peter Parker, My Tom
Loki | Pinterest | Long live, Marvel and Marvel dc
Called it, I can literally see it in my head
... #marvel#mcu#avengers#avengersinfinitywar #loki#tomhiddleston#thor#chrishemsworth#edit#benedictcumberbatch #sebastianstan#buckybarnes #tomholland ...
Tho would be hilarious if it's written as get being his daughter
Bruh please dont play with my emotions! Got me over here like 😳😍🤗
Cap, Black Panther, Peter Parker, Fury, Loki, Drax, Nebula, Gamora, Quill, Natasha, Thor, Collector, Yondu, Korg
Peter lifts Thor's hammer and Tony is a proud father lol
OtherSpider-Man ...
From that post where a woman talks about her boyfriend that worked as a 911 operator
#tonystark #mcu #ironman #everyonextony
EMPIRE's new Greatest Villains Cover featuring Loki and Thanos.
why did this bring me close to tears ffffidhfifhfj
No one better hurt my cinnamon roll Peter Parker, or my problematic fave Loki
No disrespect intended...but to me, these two are better Spiderman/Peter Parker adaptions than any ...
I can't stop laughing cuz I just keep imagining the look on their faces
Ok but I am not over the fact the LOKI HAD A STATUE BUILT OF HIMSELF
Loki and Domino during winter
This is a beautiful moment that I hope gets touched upon in Into The Spider-Verse.
excuse ...
Thor needs a break.
Fan Content[SPOILERS Infinity War] The truth behind the final scene - OC ...
Get help against Thanos #Loki #thanos #
Bruh, do you even read comics?
These two really have to meet, the possibilities are endless
It's funny because of Loki's mythology! Oh my dear ...
17w 1840
Peter - Tony - Bruce - Infinity War
ricebowl0821: cat bill & pinesjoseon + moster + reverse = nine-tailed fox mabel
Bruh ...
That comment ❤
This would've been amazing >>>> "okoye yeets killmonger" is
EMPIRE's new Greatest Villains Cover featuring Loki and Thanos. : marvelstudios
Lady Loki and Domino casual wear
Whenever someone says that Loki is evil and terrible and deserved to die.
Tom Holland can't keep secrets ...
(Phone call from Peter Parker to Tony Stark.) Spider-
Awww I wishh️ - What are YOUR speculations for The Loki TV show? #lokilaufeyson
I'm here to demand justice for my underrated sunshines – Rhodey and Falcon,
one taught me pain