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Yes You Can Run an Ultramarathon Second Wind
(previous was Spokane River Run 50k with 7:30). Cheryl and Jules the RV dog were there to cheer me on. They still had ...
Finding my second wind!
We headed out to the windy open roads as I approached the mile 20 marker. I raised my hands over my head in excitement. I had gotten a second wind and felt ...
Running with Paul Beechey on road out of Athens (Photo credit: Sparta Photography Club)
As I pondered writing my very first race report, one question kept coming up — who am I writing this for? Is it for me, to re-visit these thoughts before my ...
Mark Agnew
Ultra Marathon Training Guides | Ultra Running Four ways to hack the long run in winter
Spartathlon 2017
Passing the ominous Citgo sign with 1 mile left till the finish
Run for better code
koop leadville 2018
run rabbit run rabbit cup biggest ultramarathon purse ever
Run Ottawa member, Alexandra Hynes is one to watch! Read our Q&A with her here: http://bit.ly/2Jds9yP #runottawapic.twitter.com/YWfXJnJoiC
If a CCTV were installed along my way, it could have recorded how at one point at km 70, I sprinted for 5 minutes straight. I overtook several runners who ...
STYR LABS BADWATER 135 ULTRAMARATHON 07/19/16 JE VDA DEATH VALLEY - Austin Texas' Brenda Guajardo approaches the Darwin checkpoint at the 90-mile mark. She ...
A total of 292 people completed the inaugural event in 1999, while nowadays 2,500 participate
Yes You Can: Run an Ultramarathon
Sally McRae
Photo Credit: Second Wind
Nearly there! (Photo credit: Martin Ilott)
The 50-Mile Ultramarathon Training Plan | Running | OutsideOnline.com
Along the way to Dale's Kitchen I got my second wind and started going after it again faster for about 4 miles. I was really feeling great again, ...
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12 strength training exercises for runners via /nycrunningmama/. Bethany Pinedo · Second Wind
A100 Start line 3
The Basics of Heat Training for Running
Huzairi Shah (right) with his coach at Team Malatra,  Razif Yahya
Second Wind .The science behind the runner's high. #running #runnershigh Fit Board Workouts,
Simplified maps of the course will also be available on the day, but if you want to be properly familiar with the route before raceday, please join us on ...
My first marathon: nothing could have prepared me for the emotional impact
Yes You Can: Run an Ultramarathon
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Here we go loop-de-loop: Tales from survivors of Howl at the Moon 2015 | Second Wind Running Club
Half Hollow Hills East's R.J. Pleasants takes the
“I had been struggling mentally from about 13 miles onward” he said “its hard running that distance alone. As soon as I hit the back of the Half Marathon ...
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33 Things That Runners Say That Will Alienate You From Your Non-Running Friends.
Sarah Bowmar, MBA, CPT on Instagram: “GET CREATIVE Don't limit yourself to your gyms equipment!! If you don't have a hamstring curl machine- make one ...
All in all, the race was tough, and the finish extremely tough. Anyway, I came to the finish line with my drool flowing in the wind, but still satisfied ...
Loop two after four hours, fourty minutes
Thoughts on the Run with Ultra Marathon Runner Krissy Moehl – The Seventh Wave
Legends of the Trail
You might have top-notch form, high-end speed and high-value equipment; but without the proper endurance foundation you can count on an ...
Hill Running Benefits and 3 Hill Running Workouts
122nd Boston Marathon
The answer, of course, is yes. In fact, it's seemingly in the obscurity of the deep woods and remote mountain trails that most trail running races are held ...
2XU Ultramarathon Start Line
run rabbit run rabbit cup biggest ultramarathon purse ever
At the outset of a 20 mile run. Welcome back to the world of the active! Photo from Bradbury Mountain Snowshoe Series
Sachem North boys cross country runner Jonathan Lauer
Peg Stark
Jen A. Miller competing in the Run the Bridge 10K in Camden, N.J.,
Ultrarunners are very fond of saying “it's all mental” in 50 different ways.
6 Tips to Make Running in the Cold Suck Less
'We have a discount for the Asheville Track Club members," he said. "We'll do a health and wellness expo at the Renaissance the day before the race. It's ...
Shaun Martin, a Navajo cross-country coach from Chinle, Arizona, uses running as a powerful motivator for high school students who yearn for opportunities ...
I ran it with ten friends (nine of us did the marathon, two did the half) who were all part of my Chorus team that I started in June.
photo: Leadville Race Series
... and second time recording for the show. https://www.runpacers.com/podcast/episodes/episode-177-sing-second-elyse-braner/ …pic.twitter.com/XEdernT4r4
Coming back from a running injury stinks. But, it stinks a lot less than the time spent actually dealing with the injury. The first and perhaps most ...
Collin Trent finished, paced (his fastest and slowest miles were within 9 seconds,
Find images and videos about fitness, motivation and workout on We Heart It - the app to get lost in what you love. Bethany Pinedo · Second Wind
First and foremost, I apologize for neglecting my blog for much of 2017. That's about to change! Second, it has been an incredible year.
The Vermont 50-miler runs ...
From this point on, I knew I had enough in the tank to finish the last five miles of the race, all of which was more or less a blur. Once you ...
Lisa Jackson
Running the Marathon? Here's How to Save Your Feet
Following her superb second place in UTHK last month, jointly with China's Xiao Jing, we felt it was an opportune moment to talk trail running with Tseng ...
How three particular ultra marathons helped Dani Sandoval break the Aconcagua record
After about 80 miles the guy who was leading dropped out. I couldn't believe it, he'd been running incredibly well. So that meant that by default I moved ...
nice Ultra Training Plans 50 mile and 100 mile. Bethany Pinedo · Second Wind
John Huchingson waving in 2005 Paris Marathon ...
It's almost four months with them, and I can say that it's a good team and we are like a family member.
The terrain in the savannah is a tricky mix of sand, pebbles, and loose
... placing third at Run Rabbit Run and fifth at Western States. [Photo credit: Paul Nelson] ...
Photo of The San Francisco Marathon - San Francisco, CA, United States. Right
Ultrarunner Rob Young.
All in all, the race was tough, and the finish extremely tough. Anyway, I came to the finish line with my drool flowing in the wind, but still satisfied ...
Kicking Down Doors in Berlin
Andrea and Kim rocking the finish line
HOMEWARD BOUND. Feeling like Paula Radcliffe on acid after seeing my fan club, I was ready to take on the last hill. This was the huge hill we ran down at ...
Is this the toughest race in the world?
Photo by Second Wind Magazine
The 10km course winds you through the Nordic Ski Park. The 25km course uses Brookvale Provincial Park, the nordic ski trails, single-track mountain bike ...
And then ...
At Paleface Marathon right before the wheels came off.
She and the Family Johnston, have been tearing up the racing scene lately. Her dad finished third overall.
Mesquite Canyon Trail Runs
Why Hire a Running Coach
ULTRA-marathon runner and Welsh TV presenter Lowri Morgan tells how she went from being in a wheelchair to training in a freezer and becoming one of six ...
Photo: Shamsul Adzrin